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You’ve heard about a hard inquiry, then for a soft one, and you have so many questions about them. What is it, and why should I know it? Does it affect my credit score? Is it shown on my credit report, and if yes, how...

What is bad credit, and what does it mean no credit? Are they similar or different? How the one affects the other? Four simple words, but so many questions! You heard some bad credit here, some no credit there, but you don’t really know what’s...

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There`s a lot of reasons why parents should start saving for their children`s college education. Some start right when the baby is born and some wait until their child enters high school. But when is the best time to start saving?

Concerned about your credit history? Here are practical ways to boost your credit score.

Your credit report may stay with you for the rest of your life, but it doesn’t need to be a burden. Ultimately, you have some control over how it presents your financial well-being.

Even if your credit history isn’t great now, it’s never too late to learn how to improve it. With some time, your credit rating can become stellar — and you can be rewarded with faster credit card approval or that big home loan with low rates.

Zombie debt collection is on the rise.  Zombie debt also known as Phantom debt is an extremely old or even fictitious debt that has returned “from the dead” to “haunt” the debtor.  That amount owed on the debt can somehow grow to thousands of dollars when it was originally for a few pennies or never even owed in the first place.  While the concept of zombie debt has been around for a long time, it has recently gained much attention as consumer complaints regarding this type of debt continue to grow.

Is credit repair already a priority in people’s lives? According to my experience as a credit repair consultant at abcdone.comAnd credit repair San Diego, what people need and what they want isDifferent and they have to actually need and want something to takeAction and follow up....