Why Is My Score Different From Each Credit Agency?

Why are my credit scores different?

There are a few reasons why you might get different credit scores from FICO and each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Here are some of the most common situations:

  1. Scores are from different dates. Since your scores might change at any time, it’s important to compare credit scores from the same date.
  2. Scores are calculated using different scoring models. Keep in mind, there are dozens of credit scoring models out there that may calculate your score a little differently.
  3. Scores are calculated using different credit reports. Some lenders report to all three major credit agencies, but others report to only one or two. This means a credit agency may be missing information that helps or hurts your score.

We recommend you periodically check your credit reports for errors, which could affect your scores. You can check your TransUnion® and Equifax® , and your Experian® at least once a year