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Who We Are

Meet the CEO

My own credit was ruined because of mortgage crisis in prior years.I was looking for a credit repair company ,but they all wanted big amount of money upfront.
Since I was also looking for a new career ,I affiliated with a credit restoration company.However after while I found out they don’t do full credit repair services.
That is when I decided to establish my own business which includes credit repair and other financial services
To help people’s financial past to a better future.
Between I and our affiliates we have over 50 years of credit restoration experience.

I have been helping and teaching people how to fix their credit since 2011
Before that I was in Manufacturing /importing of clothing and handicraft from many countries in Los Angeles
I like to to see smiles on people’s faces when they get the house ,the car they want after their credit is fixed.
I live in San Diego with my wife and 8 year old son

A- Credit Reports, B- Education and C- Credit Repair

What We Do

I Help you first,you pay later!
100% performance based=No Deletion! No Pay!
We have Full credit restoration programs including disputing inaccurate items in your reports,settling your debts and suing creditors to fix their wrongs in your credit reports….
I know how it feels and what you go through when your credit has gone bad ( I have been there)
I was embarrassed,couldn’t get any credit anywhere,couldn’t travel…didn’t trust anyone Specially when they wanted money upfront to fix my credit……
That is why We Help You First,You Pay Later.No Deletion! No Pay!
That means 100% Performance based.
No Upfront fees,No Monthly Fees
I know that is adverting ,but it is really true!
Flexible office hours ,we can also come to you or
To save you time ,simply send us your credit reports
We analyze and coach you on the phone and set up your credit restoration process if needed.
Only 35% of credit repair is disputing the inaccurate items,the rest is simply educational and following up The steps to have a great credit score which we will tell You for FREE!


Why We Do It

help me repair my credit

We are fortunate to know that to get value , we have to give value first. We are Committed and Passionate about having a world Where All People have Information to Create Opportunities for themselves and their families.

Better mortgage & car deals can be obtained for people with better credit scores.

And more…

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