About Baby Boomers Financial

In today’s financial climate, having a good credit score is the only way to gain access to the good credit market and lower financing rates that save you tons of money over the term of any loan.  The media would like you to believe that banks and finance companies just aren’t’ issuing credit these days, but that’s not true at all.  Banks and finance companies MUST issue credit in order to stay in business.  The problem for most people like you and me (the old me) is that they are only issuing a credit to those consumers with a solid credit history and good credit scores.  – Otherwise known as FICO scores.

The decision to improve your credit score is one the best financial decision you will ever make.

I am Mel Zadeghi the CEO of Baby Boomers Credit Repair. 

He has been on the business for over 15 years. Together, Baby Boomers Team have over 50 years of experience dealing with credit repair and restoration experience.


When he first came in contact with the credit repair world he was in trouble himself:

“My own credit was ruined because of the mortgage crisis the previous years. I was frantically looking for a Credit Repair company that could help me but every single one I came in contact asked me for huge amounts of money upfront to even look at my case.

at that time I was also looking to direct my career a different way and so I decided to affiliate to a Credit restoration company. As I worked with them and studied the credit repair world. Sadly, as much as I appreciate the opportunity I got to work with this company I realized that their services were not those of a full credit repair company.

I decided then to create my own Credit Repair Company and include Credit repair among other Financial Services to be able to help people’s past become a better future. I was living in Los Angeles at that time, now I live in San Diego with my beautiful wife and son. I love to see them smile and I hope to be able to bring smiles to other as well by helping them fix credit scores.”

We are fortunate to know that to get value, we have to give value first. We are Committed and Passionate about having a world Where All People have Information to Create Opportunities for themselves and their families.

Better mortgage & car deals can be obtained for people with better credit scores.


I Help you first, you pay later! 

We have Full credit restoration programs including disputing inaccurate items in your reports, settling your debts and suing creditors to fix their wrongs in your credit reports
I know how it feels and what you go through when your credit has gone bad ( I have been there)
I was embarrassed, couldn’t get any credit anywhere, couldn’t travel anywhere…didn’t trust anyone especially when they wanted money upfront to fix my credit……

That is why We Help You First, You Pay Later.

No Upfront fees, No Monthly Fees

I know that it sound crazy, but it is really true!

Flexible office hours we can also come to you or to save you time, simply send us your credit reports through our secure form HERE

We analyze and coach you on the phone and set up your credit restoration process if needed.
Only 35% of credit repair is disputing the inaccurate items, the rest is simply educational and following up The steps to have a great credit score which we will tell You for FREE!