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Private Consultations

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We ofer Private consultations for credit report analysis, determine credit repair goals and set up plansfor reaching those goals


ways to improve credit ratingOur NICHE in the market is we first help you remove or correct the inaccurate items in your reports, then you pay us!Since each credit report is unique and the needs are different ,to determine the cost ,We

have to analyze your reports. However just to have an idea we charge from $100-$300 for removing or correcting each inaccurate items after we did it. That means No performance No Pay!

Most credit repair companies charge you a set up fee and monthly fees up to 24 months.

Our contracts are 6 months but the sooner we help you remove or correct the inaccurate items the faster we get paid! So guess what ,we do it fast but Remember there are no promises and no guarantees in any specific results. Our only promise is we do our best to help you. .

Contact us to start the process.