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In order to build a good credit score, you have to work hard, efficiently, and be diligent towards your credit responsibilities. And as you probably understand, this cannot happen overnight. So, what happens if you’re not any close to a great credit rating and you’re...

For many people, January is just a trial month before they jump ready and steady into the New Year. That being said and with our foot just stepping into February, there is no better time to take actions in order to repair your credit. If...

People who suffer from having a bad credit history may find it harder to deal with lenders. Most lending companies prefer clients with good to excellent credit and if your credit rating falls short of their expectation, your application can get easily declined or disapproved. But what if you’re really in need of financial assistance? Where can you find the right kind of help?


Many people have beliefs about their credit report that are just not true.  There are also things that are included on your credit report that will not hurt you.  The following things that won’t affect you may be found on your credit report:

Are you wondering how to effectively improve your credit score? Do you have no idea where to even begin? Here you will learn the basics on how to set up your credit with the right mix. 

It is very important to have open credit lines in order to establish a positive credit score. If you currently have a credit score of “N/A” or are missing scores on one or more of the three credit bureaus