Everything you need to know about debt settlement.

How Fast Should You Pay Off Your Debt?

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to eliminate debt. Not only does it take patience, time and diligence, but also a clear understanding of why we get ourselves into debt in the first place. Was it that our wants were greater than our means? Was it thinking we could pay down our debt, only to [...]

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5 Ways to Deal With Past Due Accounts

5 Ways to Deal With Past Due Accounts Once an account goes past due, the creditor will intensify its collection activity. When your account is only a little past due, collection efforts are mild. For example, you may get a friendly phone call or past due letter reminding you to make payment. As your account gets [...]

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Find ways to increase credit rating

First we have to know how the whole credit industry works… Credit bureaus are companies that gather and sell information about a person’s credit data. They sell credit data on consumers to banks, mortgage industry  credit card companies, department stores, auto dealers, insurance industry, property owners, and any employers. In turn the above companies use the [...]

How to manage your debts

How to Manage Your Debt All of us have to manage our finances especially when we are in debt. If you Only have a small debt, you have to keep up with your monthly payments and Make sure you are not late. Otherwise, when you owe too much money,You Have to put extra effort into [...]

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Where to get reports for improving credit score

The first step for  improving credit score is to get  your reports and many sites have hidden fees , I have worked with the following sites and my favorite is Wells Fargo ( I am not getting any commissions from any of them )   $1.00 for 3 reports now ($12.99/$15.99 a month, you can cancel anytime ) Free once a year no [...]

Debt Solutions

http://www.youtube.com/user/incharge?v=Gv8lZf5NaSM You have to watch many of these so called credit counselling organizations... I think by just little search on line you can learn what to do and you don't really need them.

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