Is credit repair already a priority in people’s lives?

Is credit repair already a priority in people’s lives?

Is credit repair already a priority in people’s lives?

According to my experience as a credit repair consultant at

And credit repair San Diego, what people need and what they want is

Different and they have to actually need and want something to take

Action and follow up. For most people credit repair not a priority unless if

They want to buy a house, or refinance their mortgage or by a car or apply

For a job where they check credit history. And by then it is almost too late

To do something about it at least right away.

There are misconceptions and misunderstandings about credit restoration

and credit repair. On one side you have people messing up their credit then

Look for someone to move the magic wand and fix it overnight which cannot

Be done. Then they shift the blame on the credit repair person forgetting that

They are the one responsible for the mess they are in.

On the other hand you have some of my colleagues try to help people fix their

Credit right away without setting up mutual goals and expectations.

You see, the credit history is only 35% of Fico and there are another 65% that

Has to be addressed, which the credit repair company either does not address

Or the client does not follow instructions.

So, a couple of months passes, however, maybe there are 10 negative items

Corrected or deleted from client’s files, but the client does not have the score

Necessary to buy the house or the car. So, the agent gets the blame and credit

Repair industry gets a bad rap. All these could have been avoided if the credit

Repair company and client were aligned in their goals, expectations and


Yes some people can be helped in 30 days but others have to wait and work

On all aspects of their credit for 6 months or more.

I have experienced myself even on free programs that I have given some clients that

They don’t follow up in giving me their reports on time or forwarding the letters which

Was sent from the bureaus or creditors to me.

So, credit repair generally is not priority because:

A-People do not know much about it and it is a kind of mystery (because of the

Bureaus and banks propaganda against credit repair industry)

B- The past experiences and not setting up mutual goals and understanding the whole

Credit restoration process

C-There are other daily challenges in people’s life that “credit repair” gets left out.