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We're very fortunate to live in an era with limitless technology at our fingertips.

At no other point in history has it ever been so easy to start a business:

All it takes is an idea, a laptop with an internet connection, and some good old-fashioned hard work!

All too often consumers ask about credit repair…is it worthwhile, what does it cost, should I sign up?  Credit repair is a service provided by a company that helps consumers remove unwanted and inaccurate information from their credit file to help improve credit reports.  Consumers can hire a company to clean their credit or just as easily can sign up to do the work themselves.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act, more commonly referred to as the FCRA, is the federal statute that was enacted to protect consumer rights in the credit reporting industry.  This law is a consumer minded statute that ensures accuracy and fairness in reporting and dissemination of your financial information.  The FCRA specifically outlines consumer rights but also sets guidelines for creditors, lenders and consumer reporting agencies.

As a responsible consumer trying to build your credit, you apply for a credit card with a low finance rate and you plan to pay off the balance in full every month.  After all, one of the first rules of thumb for building your credit is to have a positive credit history.  The only problem is, you cannot seem to get approved for a credit card that is desirable.  Let’s consider the reasons why.

You have probably noticed an abundance of “pre-approved” credit card offers in your mailbox, even more so during the Holiday season. But, what does this mean? Are you really approved? Can you just start using the card? Should you start using the card?

Here we bring you an easy explanation as to why you get this offers and how to best approach them.

As we have discussed before in a previous post about credit restoration,see my credit ratingIt considers both positive and negative information compiled on you and is the driving force behind what type of credit you are granted.  Consumers nationwide have a hard time understanding the basic principles of a credit score and as a result believe the myths that are circulating. Below is a list of five common credit score myths with an explanation of the real facts to set you on the straight and narrow.

If you are looking for a perfect Credit Repair company to restore your credit, then you need to know about the company very well. Firstly, remember that the top Credit Repair Companies will act as your financial coach, rather just being your service provider. The Credit Repair Companies like us will set you up for success by thoroughly understanding the credit status and guiding you through the entire process. Following are the list of questions to ask your Credit Repair Company before hiring their services.

An Inquiry is created when your credit report  is accessed by a business. With that being said. have you heard of Hard Inquiries? Soft Inquiries?

You may have heard that a hard inquiry can hurt your credit score. But you may not be sure what that means — what is a hard inquiry anyway? Hard inquiries are created when you apply for credit. They can potentially drop your credit scores, which can result in higher interest rates when you borrow. On large loan, like those for a car or home, a drop of even a few points can mean a higher interest rate. And that may mean you’ll pay more over the life of the loan.

Are you wondering how to effectively improve your credit score? Do you have no idea where to even begin? Here you will learn the basics on how to set up your credit with the right mix. 

It is very important to have open credit lines in order to establish a positive credit score. If you currently have a credit score of “N/A” or are missing scores on one or more of the three credit bureaus
Not everyone realizes there are ways to increase credit rating and get back on track financially.  Many people believe they are destined to have bad credit for the rest of their lives.  This is far from true if they were to work at credit repair.  It may not be an easy road to follow but it is possible and it doesn't have to take several years.  With a little discipline and some hard work you could improve your credit rating so you can get that new car or
Were you aware that there are millions of Americans who have a poor credit rating?  This is not a problem that only you have.  There are several ways to increase credit rating so you can buy on credit again.  When you have a poor credit rating it is difficult to buy anything on credit.  When you are allowed to buy on credit you are stuck with very high interest rates.  Your car payments or credit card payments will be higher than most people
 There are millions of people that have a problem with their credit rating and need help with credit repair.  It is due to a poor credit rating that they cannot make any purchases with credit.  Everything must be a cash transaction.  That can be tough for most people especially if they have to make a large purchase.  Certain things are usually bought on credit.  Large appliances and automobiles are top of the list, along with a house.  Without good credit
Learn the Best Way to Improve Credit RatingThere is no simple credit repair to getting your credit rating up to good or excellent.  When you have poor credit you will be working to get it back in good standings.  Therefore you need to know the best way to improve credit rating.  If you do have a poor credit rating you need not feel ashamed.
It’s not always easy to find the best ways to improve credit rating.  You may have to search the internet for ideas.  You should refrain from trying for fast credit repair.  There is no fast fix to a credit rating.  You shouldn't let a poor credit rating stress you either.  Granted you will have trouble getting any loans when you have a poor rating but there are millions of people with the same problem as you.  Use the best ways to improve credit rating and take your time with it.  Since you didn't get a bad score overnight you have to expect