Where to get reports for improving credit score

Where to get reports for improving credit score

The first step for  improving credit score is to get  your reports and many sites have hidden fees , I have worked with the following sites and my favorite is Wells Fargo ( I am not getting any commissions from any of them )


$1.00 for 3 reports now ($12.99/$15.99 a month, you can cancel anytime )

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Free once a year no credit card needed, but you have to submit one by one and no scores provided.


(FREE Credit Score. 7-day Free Trial.)


Free 7-day trial when you order your 3-in-1 Credit Report for $1.00

Membership is then just $29.95 per month

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I don’t like them anymore ,because you know how much they charge after logging in.



Please read all of the above sites  disclosures because they may change their rules or rates any time.