Vaccination in USA

Vaccination in USA

This is not my filed of expertise, this just makes me wonder. I just had my 3.5 year old

Son vaccinated (meaning they injected live virus for chickenpox and live bacteria for

HIB influenza.)

I was just reading the statistics if we figure 50 million kids under 11 years in USA and

As I read in the papers given to me by the hospital staff, 11,000 people (did not say

Kids) were hospitalized and 100 die because of chickenpox. In stats about HIBĀ  , 20000

Children under 5 years old have severe disease and 1000 people die. I am just

Wondering does this percentages justifies vaccinating 20,000,000-50,000,000 kids

Where the percentages of injuries in car accidents are almost 3 million .009 %

Compare to Chickenpox .00022% and HIB .0004%

I am figuring some body making money here??? What is going on? Why don’t we

Put the budget in researching what makes the .00022% immune systems weak

Rather than polluting the rest of the population?

Any comments