Learn How To Protect Your Credit

Learn How To Protect Your Credit

Learn How To Protect Your Credit

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world entirely based on trust, honesty, transparency, flowers, and glitter! Frauds, and thefts of any kind are always around the corner, and it can happen anytime, and to anyone. Except of taking care of your physical safety, you should always adopt practices, to help you protect your credit. From your physical cards, to account numbers, and PIN codes, to credit scores, it’s important to know how you can stay secure. You worked so hard for this savings and to build a decent credit rating, so you have to keep them private, and fraud-free. Protecting your credit, mans that you protect your financial future. In this article, Baby Boomers Financial, gathered a set of easy ways, that will help you to add an extra touch on safety, and protect your credit. Check them out! 

Important Tips to Help You Protect Your Credit 

Be Aware of Potential Financial Identity Theft 

There is a vast number of ways that identity thieves can trick you into sharing details with them, or just stealing your information. Once they do, they withdraw money, spend online, open new accounts under your name, and many, many more. You should learn how to identify the situation, and of course, how to deal with it effectively, if you are affected. Learn how to protect your credit with our relevant blog post: “Financial Identity Theft: How to Stay Safe.” 

Read Your Monthly Statements to Protect Your Credit

Do you pay your monthly credit card installment right away, without checking what you’re charged for? Even though it’s good to be diligent and make on time payments that increase your credit score, it’s crucial to check your monthly statement. Any listings that you don’t recognize, or have different pricing from what you actually purchased, should alert you for possible fraud. Have you read our list with tips on how to avoid credit card fraud? You should! 

Don’t Expose Your Account Number 

Don’t just leave your credit card or its paperwork randomly on your desk, or on the outside of an envelope etc. Make sure that account numbers, credit card numbers, credit scores, and in general financial information, are always private, with limited exposure to third parties. You never know who is watching, so always be careful, and protect your credit. 

Be Aware of Phone or Internet Scams 

Don’t just share your financial or personal details over a phone to someone posing as a representative of your bank etc. Banks will never ask these kind of information over the phone. Also, keep in mind that online shopping is partially safe. While there are reputable sites that protect your credit for you, there are plenty of scams that steal your information. And of course, stay away from malicious, and suspicious emails. 

It’s very important to know how you can protect your credit. It’s about respecting your hard work and protecting your future as well. Do you find yourself in need of professional financial assistance? Baby Boomers can help you to repair your credit, and remove negative items and errors from your credit report. Just give us a call