Many people ask Is Credit Repair Legal?

Many people ask Is Credit Repair Legal?

Many people ask Is Credit Repair Legal?a_credit_card_183118

Definitely it is! As a consumer you have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) passed in 1970

And amended in following years.

Basically, FCRA gives you the right to have the information in your credit files reported accurately,

Complete and verifiable and they have to respond to your disputes in 30 days.

The reason this law passed because many of these reports have mistakes in them (60 minute TV

Program stated that 42 million credit reports still have mistaken on them) and we believe it is more.

One of the biggest complains Federal trade commission receives are about credit reporting agencies

Mainly Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

Another law that protects consumer rights is CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act)

If credit repair was illegal, they would just declare it illegal and they would not have any laws covering

The credit repair companies.

Because of the economy crises and other changes in life circumstances like loss of job, divorce, loss of a

Loved one, Medical problem, and even identity theft one may have financial problems affecting his/her

Credit files.

In last few years this has happened to many Americans.

With all that said, what to do is to go back and start again and try to fix our problems, specially the

Financial ones.

As they say “the success line is not a straight one” and since you have your goals in mind you will

Eventually get there and our experts can facilitate that.

To set where you are going first you have to know where you are and you accomplish that

By getting your combo reports and scores from one of the sites bellow:


We will analyze your reports and coach you step by steps to take the actions you need to take on your own to increase your credit score. Sometimes this is done simply by paying off your balances or shifting them around or get a couple of extra trade lines. On more serious reports we discuss the accuracy of each item and what happened and we will try to fix the mistakes to help you further to build your credit again.

Our Commitment is to change lives by helping you get the dream house, dream car and the perfect job you desire through restoring your credit.