Should credit repair be a priority?

Should credit repair be a priority?

Should credit repair be a priority?credit-card-front


Yes it should be and for the reasons we discussed in our past articles in

And credit repair San Diego it is not.

Because in order for people to take actions on something, not only they should need

That, they also must want it so bad that they could not live without it. The people

Need “credit repair” but they do not want it.

They do not want it because:

A-What people really want is house a car a job or refinancing not credit repair

B- People are so busy in their lives that there is no space for dealing with credit

Repair specially because:

C-Credit repair is mysterious to people, they either do not know much about it or has

Been affected by all the negative propaganda about credit repair by credit bureaus

And the banks or their past experience with a credit repair industry (they did not set

Up mutual goals and understanding of the whole process)


So, actually the education about credit and credit restoration should be a priority.

It has to be explained to people that these credit reports have many inaccurate

Or outdated Information on them .

On a 60 minute TV show they announced that over 40 million credit reports contain

Major errors which affects credit scores.

Credit repair industry’s numbers are closer to 100 million and more. Credit industry

(bureaus,banks,collectors etc…) Do not care so much about fixing people’s credit,

Because they are making money at it so, why should they fix it?

For example if your credit is bad and instead of a 5% interest rate they charge you

12% or 18%, so ,on a $20,000 car it could cost you an extra $5000 on interest charges.


On a home loan each interest point is equals $22,000, so for a $500,000 loan you

Will pay over $100,000 extra in interest for the life of the loan for each interest point.

On some jobs where the employer checks potential employees credit history specially

When bankruptcies and collections are concerned, correcting or cleaning these

Inaccurate files will give the people more opportunities in job markets.

So, if the people get educated and know that there is a conspiracy going on and

It costing them thousands of dollars in interests and they can do something about it

They will get motivated to make it a priority in their busy lives to:









1-to investigate and learn about it









2-do something about it




























Because credit repair is not only about credit, it also about changing one’s lifestyle and