Choosing a credit repair company

Choosing a credit repair company

Many people always ask:

I am looking around for What is the cheapest credit repair company what should I do?

Since our most important commitment is to educate and help our potential clients to make an informed Decision, we thought the following is good to know:

As you know service businesses like doctors, lawyers, restaurants etc… are different from buying a Product

For example, if you want to buy a Samsung TV model x, you call around and buy the cheapest place who Offer the same specification of that TV

However, on services I mentioned the price should not be the main factor you consider

On credit repair services after checking the reputation of the business, reviews and experience

You have to make sure of the following:

The business is licensed and bonded by the state

BBB rating

No upfront fees

A detailed contract of the accounts they will work on and each corresponding fee

Now, credit restoration businesses charge 3 different ways

1-They make you lots of promises and grantees to charge you upfront which is illegal and risky

2-There are places that they charge you $8-$100 a month, but they are membership based and a conflict of interest even if we assume, they do a good job (usually they don’t, and they only do the first stage of credit repair)

You will pay them that member ship fee for 6-36 months without no result guarantee or money back

3- Performance based credit restoration services like us

They/we will give a detailed agreement of which accounts and how much fee for each and after proving You

The proof of intending results, you will pay them

This way the client does not pay any advance fees and no risk for them and also because the business Only makes money after each result, your credit may get better faster ,because they want to get paid so, They make sure to do the job fast and accurate.

Putting all the above aside, another important criteria to make an informed decision is

Are these companies do full credit repair process like:

Analyzing the details of your credit reports, checking your ratios, credit usage, new credit, average age Of your Credit, correct mixture of your credit.

Obtaining or coaching you on how to get a secured credit card or add an authorized user credit card  

Full dispute process in writing and phone calls if necessary

Settling the remaining accounts with balances

Suing the collection agencies, debt buyers or creditors for their violations to help the client’s credit for

With all that said, we are your best choice simply because:

We are performance based (no upfront or set up fees)

We are licensed and bonded by state of California

BBB with A + rating

Over 40 years of team member experience

Full credit restoration analysis and process

Reasonable fees

Personal contact