Ways to increase credit rating Session 4


Ways to increase credit rating to improve FICO 

(Session 4)

16-Use Credit Unions

Some credit unions have better rates and fees and they treat you better and they may specialize in restoring credit, especially with secure credit cards. However watch for loans they offer you to build your credit

They may give you a $1000 credit line (against your $1000 deposit) however, that will show also you owe $1000, you have to have less than 30% balance to make this work and many of them don’t know that.

17-Check your Credit Reports regularly for any inaccuracy and errors.

Also read the bureaus comments in the end of reports, many time by doing a small action you can increase your score. For example some card issuers are finance companies not favored by the bureaus.

18-Dispute the inaccurate negative items yourself or use a legitimate credit repair specialist.

19-If you are in a position ask the creditors to increase your limits

This will decrease your balance ratio (Especially with a soft credit pull) which will help your score in the long run.

20- If you are settling your accounts/collections

Try to negotiate payment for deletion. Also paying your old collections may decrease your score.

Remember fixing your credit is not an overnight processes but in time and with the above information and disputing questionable items it will work.