Ways to increase credit rating session 3


(Session 3)


11-Get a Secured Credit Card


This is very good to if you have a low credit score or a new comer.  Bank or credit unions will open a saving account with your money and will use that as a collateral issuing you a new credit card for same amount. But they will report it to the agencies which will build your credit.


12-Get a gas store card/sub prime issuers


Try to get a gas card or another kind of retail card or even on line merchandisers which will give you credit and reporting your limits to the bureaus will help your score.


13-Become an additional credit card user on a friend or family member with good credit


Most people do not want to do this, but if you are new or you want to reestablish credit this is the best approach and the great thing is they don’t even have to give you the card. You don’t even need to know when it arrives in their mail box. But the higher the score and older the credit is better.


14-Ask for forgiveness nicely


If you have only one or two late payments and you were a good customer for a long time, calling the company and asking for a favor, explain your situation may get the items deleted.


15-Have fewer inquiries 

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