Credit repair Irvine ca

There is now two of everyone today. There is the physical you, and then there is the digital you. The digital you is made up of data that is stored on servers. It tells a bank how credit worthy you are, an employer how responsible you are, and insurances company how safe you are.

It may not seem fair, but having a low credit score (known as your FICO score), can cause you to pay thousands more for a mortgage or a car loan. It can make you pay more in insurance premiums, and it can even cause you to be passed up on a job offer, or even a job promotion.

Credit Repair Irvine understands the importance of good credit, and we have the knowledge to help you improve your overall credit and scores, because only 35% of the scores is about your history the remaining  65% which is about your ratios,balances,mixture of your accounts and length of your credit.

With our sound advice and credit repair strategies, we can try to improve your credit.

You thought you were taking good care of yourself but exercising, maintaining a proper diet and generally staying healthy, but if you’ve been neglecting your digital self, your physical will suffer too.

Credit Repair Irvine has the right program for you to get your credit healthy.